Family Friday: In Between Chores

Second Friday of the month:  Home & Living / Parenting

By far, this new year has been the most stressful and tiring for me.  We have been maid-less since January 1, and I am still scouting for applicants.  I know that losing a household help is not the end of the world, but who wouldn't want some help around the house right?

When I was younger, my family got by not having a maid for a few years.  I did learn how to do house chores, from dishwashing to hand-washing clothes, ironing and cooking, to mopping and changing some light bulbs.  I can even gut a fish if I had to.  I also survived without one in the early months of my marriage.  I can still do them, but I'd rather not.  I know maids will come and go and somewhere along the way, I need to get my hands dirty again, literally.


2013 came and my home is in disarray.  Every morning, thinking about all the things I should do makes me just want to go back to bed and do nothing -- or lie down and "socialize" online! =)

I will not bore you with details of what transpired nor tell you how chaotic my routine became week after week since day 1.  It's hard and stressful, but I'm trying to make things work while I can't find help yet.

Even though my mind is still full of to-do lists, I want this post to be light and fun for you and me.  If you are following mymomfriday on Instagram, you'll see familiar pictures here and will understand their connection in today's post.  

With my day-to-day captured on Instagram, you'll see how I try to cope with our daily challenges and welcome blessings that come our way, in between house chores.  Do take time to read the captions from these instapics. =)

My weekly trip to the grocery has been shorter since I don't buy that much food...

...because I don't have the help and there are days when I don't have enough time to prepare lunch and dinner.  So, canned goods and take-out / deliveries save the day! Heehee...

To de-stress, I dream of shoes...

...or go out and check the blooms in the garden.

Sometimes, all I need is a happy-colored lipstick to brighten my day...

...or better yet, meet up with friends and simply have a fun exchange of ideas over good food!

On most days, I still have to deal with paperwork, paying the bills, and the usual boring-but-I need-to-do-them kinda stuff.  These I can't escape...

...plus finding time to entertain the kids, and change the weeks-old sheets! Yikes!

It's still overwhelming just thinking about the daunting tasks at hand.  But with everything that's happening, I realized that on some days, I just need to put my feet up, enjoy a quiet moment... and breathe.

How do you take a break from the daily grind?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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