Fun Friday: Easy Gift Wrapping Ideas

I know this post is a bit late already since Christmas is just a few days away and I'm sure most of you have wrapped your presents already, if not gave them away.  Still, I am sharing this with you because we all wrap gifts the whole year round and hopefully, you haven't done some of these yet! =)

Gift-wrapping is one of the more relaxing and fun things to do, for me at least.  Even wrapping books in plastic is quite therapeutic!  I know I'm not alone in that department.

Anyway, when it comes to gifts, if I don't have the store wrap them for me, I use whatever appropriate materials available at home.  I always have assorted wrappers and paper gift bags in stock but sometimes, I don't have that perfect cut or size to wrap a present.

This post will be all about simple and easy-to-do, no-frills wrapping.  There are so many fantastic and over-the-top creations out there, but time is not something I have a lot of during the holidays.  Crafty projects can be tedious, therefore time-consuming.  With too many Christmas gifts to wrap (and I am the only one who does them), I just try to make things simple yet still very presentable.  This year, I think I wrapped almost 100 items in just a few days, over a period of 2 weeks!

The Gift Bag
Here's another way of tying a ribbon on your gift bag - vertically, passing through the handle and over to one side. Some friends who saw this on Instagram liked the idea so I thought I'd share it on the blog... sorry I did not get to do this blog post sooner!

I had two items that would have been perfect when boxed, then wrapped.  But I had none at that time.  Next best thing was to use this last piece of plain kraft paper bag I had.  After rummaging through my box of left over ribbons, this happened.  A wider ribbon would look better though.

This style is universal and can work with all kinds of gifts.  Whether for a small or large bag, just use different types of ribbons to match the occasion and recipient.  When the ribbon is too short, I just tie it around one side of the handles.

The Candy Roll

Sometimes, boxes can be boring when used for wrapping soft items, like clothes, towels, etc.  If the occasion is not formal, I just roll the gift and tie each end to look like candy.

This technique works best with thinner paper or cloth-like materials.  Even old scarves and handkerchief would be perfect for this type of wrapping!  Cylindrical items can also be wrapped this way, as long as it's not breakable.

You can use craft scissors, zigzag or scallop, to trim the edge of the paper for a more decorative look.  Just make sure the ends are a bit longer that the diameter of the the roll so you can tie it securely with a ribbon.  I once tied a criss-cross over and under the roll, from top to bottom, using yarn.

The Bottle Neck
For irregular shaped items, like bottles and tubes, this is how I quickly wrap them.  The top end should be extended long enough to conceal the item, unless you want the tip of a bottle to show.

Roll and secure the bottom with tape, then tie the neck with a ribbon. Also ideal for round or cylindrical items like vases, jars, and candles .  Add an extra touch with a flower clip or big bow, or make ribbons long and curly.

The Band
This is one of my favorite wrapping ideas.  It's a clean and simple look that makes use of excess wrappers.  You can use colorful printed paper as a band or sleeve around gifts.  Best used with plain wrapping paper for a contrasting effect.  Print on print can work well too if you can find complimentary prints and colors.

The paper band is a great alternative to bows and ribbons, cheaper too.  Sometimes, I intentionally use whole printed wrappers and cut them to strips, and highlight their design against a plain background, like this kraft paper.  I even used felt paper and cartolina before.  Put a band on any form of gifts - from boxed to candy roll, and even around a gift bag above, instead of a ribbon!

Do you have other creative, no-frills wrapping ideas?
Hope you have fun gift-wrapping!  Happy holidays!

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