Foodie Friday: Samgyupsal (Grilled Pork Belly)

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Finally, it's time for some Korean dish! 
I've been eating this dish in Korean restaurants every time I get a chance. Shame on me, I never got to remember what it's called.  All I know is there's a slice of meat, dipping sauce, and it's wrapped in lettuce.

When I attended the Lock & Lock bloggers' event over a month ago, there was a cooking demo, and that's when I realized it's such a simple dish that I can do at home.  Finally, I got the name right = Samgyupsal!  

Sam gyup sal (or samgyeopsal / samkyupsal) literally means 3 layer flesh/fat - which is made of pork, the belly or bacon part to be exact.

I was able to recreate this dish after the event.  But since I've had a few food posts sitting in drafts for the longest time, I can't decide what I should share first.  A poll on my Facebook page did the trick, thus, the choco-mallow cookie recipe was published here instead.

Today, it's time for Korean grilled pork belly wrap!


500g pork belly (samgyupsal), thinly sliced
Gochujang / kochujang (hot red pepper paste)
Doenjang / dwenjang (soybean paste)
6 large cloves of garlic, minced
1 white onion, sliced
sesame oil
1 1/2 tablespoons sesame seeds, lightly toasted
lettuce leaves (two heads of ice or black simpson variety)
perilla leaves, optional

To prepare:
Cut pork belly into small strips or pieces, set aside (you can put some salt and pepper to flavor the meat prior to cooking)
Wash lettuce leaves, set aside
Arrange condiments for serving -- chili paste, garlic, sesame oil

To cook:
Heat pan and sauté sliced onions, do not overcook. Set aside.
(Option: I used a dollop of butter to cook my onions for this first batch with the beef short ribs)
Pan-fry meat for a few minutes on each side.
* You can cook the pork and onions in the pan at the same time.

To serve:
Plate the lettuce leaves, cooked onions, and meat, and serve with the condiments on the side.
Make your own wrap by layering:
  - Spread sauce/paste on lettuce (adjust amount of sauce to your liking).
  - Place 2 pieces of meat, and top with garlic, onion slices, drops of sesame oil, sprinkle sesame seeds.
  - Fold and wrap.

Good for 3 to 4 people.

  • First attempt at Samgyupsal was actually with beef (see above). So, technically, this is not samgypsal, hehehe! :)  I was not able to buy pork belly, and instead bought a pack of thinly sliced premium boneless short ribs.  It still worked wonderfully well, and was devoured by the family.
  • I bought these 2 pastes below, but did not realize you have to mix them together to create the Ssamjang sauce for the wrap.
I found this recipe too late from OliviaJasonKim blog = To make the ssamjang, mix all 7 ingredients:  Gochujang / kochujang, Doenjang / dwenjang, garlic, rice wine, brown sugar, sesame oil, sesame seeds.
GOCHUJANG (red pepper paste), and DOENJANG (soy bean paste)

Here are the ingredients you should buy for my simplified Samgyupsal dish:
Korean Sesame Oil and Hot Pepper Paste (Gochujang)
bought from SM Hypermarket
Gochujang, toasted sesame seeds, sesame oil

Lettuce, minced garlic
Pan-fry pork belly/bacon (samgyupsal) in my Ceramica pan

Your samgyupsal is ready to be wrapped - very tasty and is quite addicting!
Samgyupsal, with sauteed onions

Layer, wrap, devour! :)

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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