Foodie Friday: Choco-Marshmallow Cookie Surprise

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Cookie won over Korean!
Okay, that sounded weird....read on and find out why this cookie recipe is here on today's Foodie Friday.

I have several food posts lined up but could not really decide what to feature first. Then I thought I'd just ask my readers to choose between a Korean dish or a chocolate cookie via a quick poll on my Facebook page here. Now you know. =)

This post will be photo heavy since I've made this a few times in the past with different versions. Then last week, the girl also asked me to be a parent volunteer in their class, either to cook or read a book. She wanted me to cook again like we did in the past two years. Her request - bake this Marshmallow Surprise Cookie. This is pretty easy to make and bakes in 10 minutes, so I obliged. Besides, I know her classmates will surely enjoy making this.

I got the recipe from her favorite cookbook of mine, The Witchkins All-Occasion Cookbook by Mel M. Francisco, loaded with wonderful family-friendly recipes, which was a gift from the publisher two years ago.

This cookie recipe is one of the easiest I've ever done, and it's something that kids can do themselves, except putting it in and out of the oven! =) Kudos to the chef for coming up with this creatively simple yet scrumptious chocolate cookie recipe. Anyone who can measure, mix, and roll can do this!

Here's a snapshot of the recipe page, but I will also share with you the variation I did with the ingredients.


1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup cocoa powder (Hershey's Cocoa, Unsweetened)
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup salted butter softened (Anchor)
1/3 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar, packed
1 large egg
1/2 cup chocolate chips (Nestle Semi-sweet morsels)
about 16 thumb-sized marshmallows, frozen

To prepare:
Pre-heat the oven at 400'F / 200'C
Make your cookie dough exactly as instructed in the illustration above.

You decide if you want some choco chips left for dotting the cookie top, or everything goes into the dough. I did both ways. Presentation-wise, leave some chips to top the dough balls before baking.

If you notice, I adjusted the white sugar since I want it less sweet, and used salted butter. I like to have some salt in chocolate goodies as salt enhances the cocoa flavor.  Feel free to use whatever brands you have available for the ingredients.  The most important is the cocoa powder you will use as it will dictate the chocolate taste of your cookie.

Kids at work...with their own toques and aprons! =)  As expected, my sweet-toothed girl can't stop eating sugar!

The girl's classmates eagerly wait for their turn to get their hands "dirty" and help make the cookie dough.

Stages of making the dough, using a rubber scraper / spatula:
Combine all dry ingredients, except sugar, bowl #1.
Then mix all wet ingredients in bowl #2 with the sugar.
Pour the dry into the wet mixture, then add morsels. Mix, mix, mix!

It will become really tough, like soft clay. The kiddies gave up and had me finish the mixing and mashing during our activity. Here's how my dough looked like.

Time to roll the chocolate balls!
Make ping-pong sized balls and roll on the palm of your hands. Press marshmallow in the center and cover with dough.
Demo of the rolling of the balls

Each classmate made their own ball and lined them on the baking tray. The teachers and I were very proud of them that day.

This batch had choco chips on top before baking them. Make sure you don't go over 10 minutes so your cookies won't get too dry.

Fresh out of the oven.... the chocolate smells heavenly!

With melted marshmallow surprise in the center and more chips on top...

...or without toppings. Tastes just as good!
Makes 12 to 16 yummy cookies.

If the kids can do this, so can you! Surprise your family and friends with this treat!

For inquiries or orders of the 'Withchkins Cookbook' @ PhP 700.
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