Cranberry Cocktail Drink

I've been buying Tipco 100% Fruit and Veggie juices for several years now, and it's one of the many juice brands that I include in our grocery list.

I can't tell you enough how healthy their juices are, having an impressive set of health benefits in every pack -- made with no preservatives, no flavorings, no colorings, nor sweeteners.  Among it's 22 fruit and veggie juices, one of our favorites is the superfruit variety, Cranberry mixed fruit juice.  Superfruit is classified as being nutrient-dense and high in antioxidants.

You may be wondering - how did I end up making a cocktail out of this very healthy drink?

I love Absolut Citron, and incidentally, I received this 50ml bottle from another event recently.  It was just sitting on my desk for a week now.  I prefer my vodka mixed with soda or juice, so I thought, why not mix our favorite Tipco juice with my favorite vodka?!



1 glass Tipco Cranberry juice
1/2 shot vodka (or more, if you wish)
ice cubes

Pour juice and vodka over ice, give it a little stir, and drink up! Great to serve during parties too!

The balanced sweetness and acidity of the cranberry mixed juice blends perfectly with the crisp citrus taste of Absolut Citron.  I say, it's never too early for a refreshing cocktail drink! Agree? =)

Go ahead and experiment with other Tipco flavors and make this basic cocktail mix more interesting!

After Tipco's blogger event last month, I was able to sample many new juices that are as great-tasting as their Broccoli and 32 Veggie variants - both bestsellers.  We are currently liking the Purple Carrot, and superfruits Prune and Gojiberry.  The Pomegranate juice can work well with the vodka too!

Warning:  Cocktails and Kids don't mix.
Never mix alcohol in your kids juices, heehee! =)

Speaking of kids, Tipco also launched their 110ml mini pack, Tipco Superkid, in four yummy flavors.  It's the perfect serving size for little hands and tummies, and ideal for the kids' baon (snack pack). 
"Tipco's premium-quality juices are known not only for their natural fruit or vegetable taste, but also for the unique and exciting fruit and vegetable juice mix that it brings on the table, such as the 32 Veggies & Mixed Fruit, Broccoli & Mixed Fruit, Beetroot & Mixed Fruit, among many others." - Tipco (Phils.)

Tipco 100% Juice is available at all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.

Tipco Tripaway 2 promo is still ongoing until October 5 - win all-expense-paid-trips from Tipco!

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