Fun Friday: 80s Barbie Doll meets 2k12 Barbie

Third Friday of the month: Toys & Hobbies

Last May, my girl began her fondness for Barbie. Although she's not addicted to the disproportionate wide-eyed dolls yet, she learned to appreciate them when I showed her my own Barbie dolls which I've kept at my mother's house, and brought them home with us for the first time.

It felt like a rite of passage, or passing on the torch! My near 30-year-old Barbie dolls are now officially adopted by my 5-year-old.

I received my first Barbie Doll as a gift from my aunt when I was.... in second or third grade. Then, I got my second bendable Barbie doll soon after, as a reward (I think) from my mama.  Those two dolls were treasured for a very long time.  I don't know their names but let me introduce you to the blue-eyed blonde My First Barbie (below, left) and tan-skinned Cowboy Barbie (right).

For years, I've kept them in an old shoebox, together with the accessories and clothes I've collected for them to change into.

Fast forward to 2010 - my girl received her first Barbie as a gift and she couldn't care less.  She's not very fond of the dolls so the next two Barbie dolls she got last Christmas and for her birthday were all kept in their original boxes until my 80s dolls joined them this summer.

Did you notice how heavy the make-up painted on these new generation Barbies compared with my older dolls???
Here's my ancient beat-up shoe box, covered in gift-wrapping paper -- I decorated it to look like a room, with windows and curtains.  I even crafted a table-drawer out of four empty match boxes, sewed on red buttons as knobs, glued and wrapped them all together. It kept the tiny shoes and mini purses I made. Barbie accessories were expensive so I had to make my own stuff for my dolls, which I enjoyed doing!

Surprisingly, the girl got so into it that I was literally trapped with her, playing with our dolls for like 3 hours in one afternoon!

Warning: BARBIE overload!

Presenting, my 80s Barbies and new gen Barbies, sharing vintage and modern clothes, shoes, and accessories.
Can you spot which clothes are from the 80s and which ones are current?

In full leather gear - engraved personalized Barbie boots, red leather pants, leather saddle bag, and fur-trimmed leather vest.  The leather lining was chipping away as we played with them! LOL!

In the navy... in red high heels! :)

Enclosures - snaps then, velcro now.

Time for a change!

Fashionistas, stylistas, designers, I bet you'd love to get a copy of this!  It's "Barbie World of Fashion" catalogue, circa 1982!  And look at how fashion is just being recycled!

See how fabulous and trendy our 80s Barbie dolls were! And some of the outfits are still very trendy to this day! =)

Too bad I was not able to own a Ken Doll...

I also wished to have one of those Twirly Curls with the pink battery-operated hair twirler. I settled on borrowing from my cousin.

I love the Fashion Jeans too!

Fantasy Barbies with the flipped hair and leg warmers!

The sailor one I got... but who wouldn't want that Wedding Party set with big pouffy sleeves! =)

Glam Designer collection with all the lace and chiffon!

I got the blue nightgown and denim dress in the middle.

This screams 80s with the red jumpsuit, leg warmers, off-shoulder tops, and big bows.

Of course, Ken has his own groovy collection too! =p

There are a few here that are so IN these days!

Oops, forgot to mail the Fan Club application... it's still here!

Our 80s toys were, and still are for me, the best -- design- and quality-wise, truly made in Japan and USA, none from China. Tonka and Matchbox for my brother, Barbie and Sanrio for me - see my vintage Sanrio collection here.

Are you an 80s kid? 90s kid? What's your favorite toy?

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