Foodie Friday: Kani Salad Roll-Up with Wasabi-Mayo

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We're all feeling the heat wave in this country and I just want to drink and eat something cold, or light and refreshing every single day.  There's no surprise to this post since the title said it all. And as I celebrate my 3rd blog anniversary this May, I thought it's nice to start the month with an ode to one of my most popular food posts -- kani salad (which, by the way, is currently #1 on Google search for 'kani salad'! Woot!)

In my recent trip to the grocery, I spotted a pack of tortilla and dropped it in my cart, not knowing what to do with it. When I got home, I found all the ingredients to make our favorite kani salad, which I already featured here, and planned to serve it for dinner. But I had another idea. Tortilla + kani salad... eureka!

It's gonna be a wrap for dinner! =) The whole family can help prepare this super simple and delicious roll-up -- no cooking required!  Just by looking at the photos, I'm sure you already know what you need and how to do this.


Soft tortillas
Kani sticks (Japanese imitation crab meat), cut in half, length-wise
Cucumber, cut in sticks
Fresh ripe mango, slice vertically and scoop out
Washed lettuce
Japanese mayonnaise (I use Kewpie brand)
Prepared wasabi (hot/spicy Japanese condiment of horseradish and mustard mix)
Homemade or bottled herb vinaigrette, optional dressing (I use Gourmet's brand)

For the wasabi-mayo:
Mix 1 part prepared wasabi + 2 parts Japanese mayo (1:2)
(Or you can do 1:3 if you want the spice to be mild.  Adjust proportion according to your taste.)

To prepare:
Lay tortilla flat on a board and spread some wasabi-mayo mix on the center
Layer 2 - 3 lettuce leaves over the wasabi-mayo, which acts as a glue
Add more wasabi-mayo over the lettuce and assemble all the filling on top
Carefully flip lower end of the tortilla over the filling and roll over tight
Wipe some mayo on the top edge of the tortilla to act as glue and secure your roll-up

You can make as many rolls as you want. 1 roll is good for 1, or maybe not enough! =) Press together and hold 2 or 3 rolls and, with a sharp knife, carefully slice into 6 or 8.

A perfectly balanced combination of juicy kani, crisp and cool lettuce and cucumbers, spicy dressing, sweet and succulent mangoes, all wrapped in soft and chewy tortilla.

You can use more of the wasabi-mayo as dipping sauce -- it tastes fantastic with that extra kick!  I forgot to add some nori strips with the filling though, and for sure, it would have added another dimension to the flavor of this refreshing salad roll-up.

Serve on a bed of lettuce, with extra dressing on the side. Dip or drizzle before you pop a slice in your mouth.  A drizzle of the herb vinaigrette adds some tang to the sweet-cool-spicy taste. But you can just stick with the wasabi-mayo for extra creaminess.

I always loved the combination of sweet mangoes and kani! With the tortilla, I now have a more filling alternative to the usual kani salad that I often prepare with our dinner.  This kani salad roll-up is great as appetizers too, or served as hors d'oeuvres during parties.  Try this perfect summer salad roll-up  now!

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