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Today is Good Friday. A religious holiday where we commemorate Jesus Christ's suffering and crucifixion. It's day of repentance, of fasting, and abstinence for many Catholics.  I chose not to eat meat today. I can't fast -- I'll faint if I do. Seriously.

Since I'm abstaining from meats, I know I would just torture myself if I post my usual photo-heavy feature and drool over the food shots. Anyway, it's so warm and humid so these frosty bars are perfect for this this hot summer day!

Obviously, I can't read Korean. I can't tell you what they put in these bars but we just love them! I later found more products on their website, got their names and screen-captured the product shots with the descriptions (thanks to Google auto page translation).

I started buying assorted Binggrae ice cream products since last year wherever they are available -- from small village convenience stores, Koren groceries, Mini-Stop, and the supermarket.  Aside from the orange lolly Popsies we often buy, these Binggrae ice cream bars became our favorites over similar products from local brands.

ENZO BAR - "Enriched Chocolate Bar"
Imagine your light and creamy soft serve ice cream on a stick, coated in crisp milk chocolate and crunchy peanuts on the outside. Once you bite, you'll be surprised by the solid chocolate center!
@ PhP 43 - from Puregold supermarket

OREWA CAFES - "Coffee Flavored Ice Bar"

If you like coffee-flavored sweets and ice cream, you might enjoy this one too.  J and I actually prefer this "cafe" bar 'coz it's more refreshing than the choco bar above. It's double coffee goodness -- from the ice cream to the crunchy coating. A great pick-me-up!

PANGTOA - "Choco Chiffon"
This one has an English description which says it all -- it's a chocolate chiffon ice cream sandwich. It's the most recent product I've tried from Binggrae. When I want something different, this is my choice since it's already a two-in-one snack or dessert of cake and ice cream!
@ PhP 61 - from Puregold supermarket
Binggrae ice cream products all come in plastic foil pouches.  Their products don't possess the characteristic qualities of fine premium ice cream, but their unique and wide assortment, and overall light sweet flavors make me come back for more.

Here's our all-time favorite popsicle:
Magnolia Popsies in chocolate and orange

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