Out with the Old, In with the New Firefly

Brushing the teeth is a non-negotiable part of my kids' daily routine.  Though there's still the occasional resistance from the boy and the girl, our kids' oral care challenges have been more manageable for the past year or so.

A few years back, they used to avoid any form of oral care.  I know we've passed that difficult stage of forcing and dragging them to brush, and even to dentist visits... hallelujah!  But even with these cute brushes, they still don't bother scrubbing properly.  Well, at least they brush.
These are their old blinking toothbrushes.
First Firefly : bought this pink one for the girl; Spiderman Firefly from the US sent to my boy 
Anyway, the bristles have been worn out already so it's the perfect time to toss out the old and bring out fresh ones, just in time for the new year!  Good thing I have a stock of FIREFLY toothbrushes from a loot I received many months back.

Look at these cute toothbrushes! :)

Why we love FIREFLY Toothbrush:
  • Cute, attractive designs
  • Unique “blinking technology” thru the LED light from the handle
  • Soft bristles with rounded heads
  • Accurately flashes in 1-minute cycles with every press of the button or base
They know they had to keep brushing until the blinking stops : 1 minute for upper teeth and 1 minute for lower teeth, as recommended by dentists.  To be honest, these toothbrushes made our oral care routine less stressful for everyone.

There's my favorite Hello Kitty Firefly on stand-by for the girl. :)  The boy chose the Spiderman brush again. When I was younger, there were only soft and hard bristled brushes to choose from... they are just so lucky, these kids!

Do you have children? What's your oral care challenge?

Firefly Toothbrush is available at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Stores, and Pediatric dental clinics.

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