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After over two years in the blogosphere, I am fortunate to have met some truly wonderful and real people, like-minded moms, and several interesting personalities through social media.

One such individual is this hip and fab mom with gorgeous earthlings. She also happens to be the first ever online friend I've met in person! I'm pleased to introduce to you Mom-Style's mom on the spotlight -- Rone Guerrero of Mothering Earthlings.

EarthlingsMama and her boys
1. Please share with us what your typical day is like?
I try to get up before the kids do so I can shower and get ready in peace.  I have breakfast with the boys and send them off to school.  The rest of the day is spent on my online shop, blog or doing admin work for my husband's business when needed.  There is always something that needs to be done with the shop -- process orders, photograph new products and upload them on the site, manage inventory, marketing... so it keeps me busy.

The afternoons my son has football I usually go and watch.  Then we end the day with a family dinner and bedtime stories.  When the kids are asleep is actually the time I like to blog.  I used to be a night owl before kids and it still is the time of day when my thoughts are clearest.

2. What do you enjoy most about your current occupation?
I absolutely love what I do right now.  It involves fashion which is the industry I have worked over a decade in and always enjoyed.  I get to work from home and my schedule is very flexible.  It is a business that promotes Filipino brands and start ups.  Best of all it is a concept my sister and I created and continue to work on.

3. As a follow-up, can you share one or two practical tip/s or advise in relation to what you're doing right now?
My sister, who is my partner, and I had many ideas on how to do Mothering Earthlings as far back as 2006.  It was only in 2010 that we really refined our ideas and got our concept right.  When starting something, I think it is important to go with something that you really believe in and something that is absolutely doable.  Don't rush and think things through.  I am really proud of Mothering Earthlings, that we only carry Filipino brands and we promote Philippine design and mompreneurs.

From the About Us page of Mothering Earthlings
As for working at home, I am kinda kalat (disorganized) and forgetful so I am a list person.  I have to have 'to-do lists' and schedules otherwise I might never get anything done.

4. I launched Mom-Style to feature mothers with style and substance, and I believe you possess those qualities.  So what's your Mom-Style? 
Describe your mothering style and personal style in fashion or design philosophy.
I've been told that my style is urban hippie.  I think it is pretty accurate.  I can't live without jeans, tank tops and wedges.  I also don't like looking like I'm wearing the uniform of the universe so I tend to put on something a bit .... odd.  Although I tend to dress depending on my mood for the day so every now and then I might go the absolutely other direction and go preppy.

With my kids I like funky rockstar clothes.  I am definitely not the preppy, linen, loafers sort of mom. But my two boys have their own style and like picking their own outfits.  I just let them even if it isn't exactly the best combination of colors, textures or prints.  I'll just blackmail them with pictures of their bad fashion choices when they are older.  Hahaha!

5. Who are your Mom-Style icons?
I never really thought about it but Kate Moss and Gwen Stefani are always so effortlessly cool and chic.  Kate Moss doesn't even follow trends, she starts them, (you) can't get any more fashionista than that.  Is there a cooler mom than Gwen Stefani?  No matter what she is wearing or where she is she still maintains her edginess and I love, love, love that.  Her sons are just as edgy and cool.

What I love is your cool vibe and confidence, and it translates through your sense of style and progressive way of parenting.  You really are the epitome of a hipster mom and I feel fortunate to be able to get to know you better.  I'm sure you have already inspired many women out there with what you shared here, especially the moms.  You proved that we can enjoy and achieve the best of both worlds -- pursuing and doing what we love as an individual while spending quality time with our families.

Rone blogs at:
Mothering Earthlings
All photos courtesy of Rone Guerrero

Shop for unique items online, here at www.motheringearthlings.com

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