Family Friday: Tiny Tea Party at Taibun

Second Friday of the month:  Family time / Kids

"Daddy, I don't wanna leave yet... let's have a tea party first!"

I can't remember what triggered our cravings one lazy Sunday afternoon -- hubby was thinking about having some sweets while I wanted to indulge in a slice of tablea chocolate cake. It was then decided that we go to a nearby cake shop to have our fill of sugary treats.

But... the girl was expecting some playtime with daddy and refused to let us leave without having a "tea party" first.  We're itchin' to go so we told her she can bring the "tea party" to the bakeshop instead. She happily brought her miniature ceramic tea set and mugs while the boy took along his Smurfs toy figures

Sadly, the cake shop was full. We quickly decided to proceed to Taibun (portmanteau of Taiwanese bun) -- a relatively new Taiwanese bread shop within our bustling neighborhood we have yet to try.

Suffice to say, we made the right choice.  Taibun was cozy, with ample dining and lounge areas, spacious enough to accommodate restless kids and entertain diners with a wall-mounted flat-screen TV.  Food was very affordable with a selection of Taiwanese delicacies, breads and buns, 100-peso set meals, and other sweet and savory snacks.  The staff were friendly and tolerant of my rambunctious twosome -- that's major plus points to them.

The boy and girl really had a blast with their tea party, drinking straight from the tiny tea cups while daddy poured "tea" (it was actually our order of hot cocoa) to refill their mini tea pot.  I cherish these playful bonding moments with hubby and the kids, especially when the nanny is not around.

My brother's family was able to join us so the cousins got to play and my kids enjoyed the tea party even more for the rest of the afternoon.
"Tea", cake rolls and buns with cousins
Unwinding at the quaint coffee shop was a welcome change from our usual play-and-rest-at-home Sundays.  I considered it a rare (unplanned) family activity since we don't usually go out on a whim. We got our sweet fix and engaged in light conversations over healthy snacks...until the kids got too rowdy and we had to leave before they break something!

Who knew that having a family "tea party" could be so much fun! Now I think we should do these spur-of-the-moment thing more often. =)

How about you, any memorable spur-of-the-moment family activity?

Taibun Bakery & Coffee Shop
V. Cruz corner P. Guevarra
Little Baguio, San Juan City

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