Leather Satchel: Bag of the Moment

It's still early for my Mom-Finds feature, but this is just too hot to hold off 'til the last Friday of the month so I'm gonna share my latest fab find now -- locally-made handmade leather satchel!

I've been following Frances Sales' blog for sometime now and I am so happy to have met her in person just this summer!  Of course, with our relatively active online social life with other mommy friends (see bottom photo), it's but natural that we get the latest scoop from each other's lives. Then she posted this sneak peek of her bespoke leather satchel and I knew I wanted one too!

I'm proud to say I'm of the first few delighted owners of this 11" tan handcrafted leather satchels, to order from Frances Sales.
  • Structured bag made from local cow hide, hand-stitched, with solid and sturdy hardware
  • Flap has buckled straps with magnet snaps -- a BIG plus to this compact purse as it keeps bag secure yet making it easy to open
  • Features a long shoulder strap, an extended front pocket, and flat back pocket
  • Also has an inner zipped pocket, and lined in natural-colored leather

I have big, roomy bags, and I also have small slim purses that can fit my basic stuff -- wallet, vanity pouch, cell phone, pen, hand sanitizer, mints, wet towels, car keys, card holder and sun glasses.  This satchel falls in the 'small' category and it perfectly serves my needs at the moment. If small is not for you, Frances will offer bigger sizes too!

Belt-style shoulder strap is adjustable.  I stand 5 feet 6.25 inches to be exact so I buckle to the last hole and wear it as a regular shoulder bag or carry across the chest like this below.

I bought this at a special introductory price of P2,500.00 which is very reasonable considering the quality of materials, and it's handmade!  I just love the smell of new leather and I've been using this satchel since I got it over a week ago to "break it in".  And now I find myself trying to dress to match the bag! :) 
The blogger M.O.M.s (l-r): Me, Eliza, Jenny, Jen, Kris, Martine, Rone
Here I am and my satchel yesterday with the M.O.M.s at the 'Brand Me' talk by Rone of Mothering Earthlings. Eliza (on my left) is also toting her identical satchel here, but is hidden in this photo.

If you're liking this leather satchel too, order from Frances here and you'll make her really, really happy!
Frances Sales:  frannie.vinnie@yahoo.com
Her blog at Topaz Horizon

Buy Philippine-made!

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