Family Friday: LTO Gives Me License to Drive (again!)

Second Friday of the month:  Family Friday - Parenthood

I hate to say it but it's back to daily driving for me (sob, sob, sob)!  For the past 18 months, and counting, we have been very fortunate to have a stay-in family driver.  And for the past 18 months, I've been carrying around an expired driver's license!

It was not intentional. Honest. Since I was not really driving anymore, it just did not occur to me that my driver's license had expired already.
My new license with a decent "mug shot" -- good for the next 3 years

So what has changed? 
It's back to school and the kids have overlapping schedules! Sucks!

The boy should clock in at 8:20 a.m. while the girl at 8:30 a.m.  They go to different schools. No choice for me but to drive the girl every morning while the driver brings the boy to his school and then bring hubby to work.  Good thing the preschool is just a mere 4-minute drive! After over a year of procrastinating, I have finally renewed my license yesterday.  I need to.

For months, I imagined I'd be wasting half the day at an LTO (Land Transportation Office) Driver's License Renewal Center (DLRC) applying and going through the steps, then waiting for the license card to be released.  It was refreshing to find out from friends that the system has greatly improved, more centers opened in malls, and that applying for renewal was just a breeze, depending on which branch I visit.

I decided to go to the LTO-DLRC in SM Center Pasig in Frontera Verde (near Tiendesitas). I got there before 10a.m.  Though I can also go to two other centers in nearby malls, I opted to go to this branch since it's less crowded.  I'm glad I made the right choice!

Surprisingly, I only spent 45 minutes from the time I arrived to leaving the center with my new driver's license!  It pays to be early too!  Our family driver also renewed his license at this branch last April and told me he spent around 90 minutes and he was 10th. That's just about right since there were only 4 ahead of me when I entered, and went along to follow the simple steps, as described on the signage below.

4 Easy Steps in Applying for Renewal of Driver's License

You only need to bring your old license and official receipt. Between Steps 1 & 2, just accomplish the forms and submit yourself to a "Drug test" and "Medical test" in the other room, and pay P400.00 (P300-drug test with urine sample; P100-medical test with  very brief Q&A, vision test). 

Customer service was helpful in guiding all of us applicants with our queries. No snooty staff here, thank God! And I don't mind waiting in an airconditioned commercial center, making it more comfortable and convenient for everyone.

Here are the requirements and fees:

Mine was expired for more than a year, so penalty for me. Done. I also updated by address so that's additional P100 for 'Revision of Records' -- I don't get this one. Why do they have to charge for this? It's like paying them for typing in a different address!

Anyway, I got my license now and I'll be back on the road again in two weeks.  My mornings will be more stressful from then on...at least for the next 10 months.  That does not include parking and finding one!

Make way...driving momma is back!

Find the LTO Driver's License Renewal Center near you:
LTO - DLRC Directory

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