Craving for California Crunch Cassava Chips

That's a tongue-twister for a title don't you think so? And it's true, I've been craving for crunchy cassava chips after sampling a bag recently.

I've had cravings for different types of chips in the past -- there was a phase of munching pork rind cracklings, popcorn, caramelized banana chips, camote (sweet potato) chips, and now this --  California Crunch Cassava Chips, in Sour Cream & Onions and Barbecue flavors!

I was quite excited to try the chips as soon as I received the sample bags a few weeks ago. I'm quite adventurous with food and I enjoy trying out something new and different.

My little girl happened to be there when I got the package and she wanted in on the action too! So we both munched on our first cassava chip together.  We have no expectations about cassava chips.  It looked and felt like ridged potato chips, but it's more firm to the bite, and has a nice solid crunch to it as compared to the light and crispy regular potato chips.  It was surprisingly very good!
120 gms. @ P44.50 / bag - available at SM Supermarket & Hypermarket 
The red bag was Barbecue -- with a sweet-spicy taste.  My girl liked the initial sweetness but eventually tasted the spicy flavor after a few bites and left the bag. It was quite addicting for me since the flavor gets more intense as I ate more. And I like the level of heat too.

Now we move on to the green bag. I offered to open it for her 'coz I knew she will like it more. Sour cream & onion, with it's salty-sweet and tangy taste, is one of her favorite potato chip flavors.  This one was an instant hit for both of us. We found ourselves licking our fingers after gobbling up a few chips.  Too bad she refused to be photographed enjoying her bag of California Crunch. Instead, she gave me her bowl up there to photograph with the sample chips.

What's good to know about cassava chips:
  • Cassava has twice the fibre and more potassium than potato
  • California Crunch Cassava Chips has 30% less fat than potato chips
  • California Crunch Cassava Chips has 0 % cholesterol

I do love the taste, and truly enjoy the crunch! After the samples ran out, I found myself buying some at the supermarket!  It's a tasty and healthier alternative to the usual chips and crackers. And it's more filling too!

Go try it yourself. :)
Available in Unimart (Greenhills) and SM supermarkets.

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