Ready for the Sun with Beach Hut

It was our first Serenitea "tweet-up" and I was having great conversations with bloggers Noemi, Jane and Rone.  Noemi then spotted a friend there who, incidentally, is one of the young folks from Dragon Edge Group. This dynamic company is 100% Filipino-owned and carries the brand Beach Hut, among others.

Beach Hut Kids with SPF 65 is a mild, clear spray sunblock with a fresh citrus-orange scent. It's hypoallergenic and safe for everyday use. I guess we're at the right place, at the right time 'coz while we were chillin', the team from Dragon Edge surprised us with a bottle each to take home! Thank you! And what great timing since we'll be greeting in the summer very soon. But dermatologists always advise to apply sun screen daily, and not just when you're going out to the beach.

We were told this product has been in the market for five years now and I did remembered buying one a couple of years ago. I initially thought it was an imported brand with its attractive, colorful bottle design. I like it mainly because it's in a light spray form and the kids and I prefer it over sticky lotions. And I know it's much more affordable. Here is what's printed on the back:
  • Uber mild for kids, hypoallergenic
  • Rich in vitamin C & anti-oxidants
  • Fast and easy application
  • Sweat-proof, water-proof
  • No mess, no grease, not sticky
  • Extreme SPF 65 protection
  • Fresh citrus scent
Beach Hut also comes in different variants as you can see here in their website. Spray all over and you're ready for the sun (not directly on the face though)!

I just have to share our souvenir shot on that bright, cheery afternoon. 'Til the next "tweet-up" ladies!
(Grabbed from Noemi's album)

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