McDonald's Happy Meal Sanrio Stampers

Look at these cute little things! SANRIO stampers from McDonald's Happy Meal! Sanrio is celebrating their 50th anniversary and they came out with these super cute stampers! It comes with every order of a Happy Meal this month so collect them all now!

Being a die-hard Sanrio fan, I just got to make a post on this.

Honestly, I was the one who got really excited when I saw these a week after new year's.  My girl couldn't care less! The family was dining at McDonald's then and so I ordered two Happy Meals just to get my two favorite characters pronto -- Hello Kitty and My Melody.

I was actually choosing meals to order for my girl's simple birthday party in school, and I ended up ordering Happy Meals for her classmates as well so each one can bring home a stamper. :)))

Simply press the character down, slide up the base cover, and stamp! See the character pop up as soon as you stamp!

You can also use it as key chain or bag charm too --  well, that's for the kid's bag of course, it would be too funny if I hang it on my bag! (photo below is for illustration purposes only! :p )

I am hoping when I go back this week, they still have Cinnamoroll and Sugarbunnies stampers in stock so I can complete the collection. Wish me luck!

Did I mention I was a die-hard Sanrio fan? In case you missed the post, see my vintage Sanrio collection here.

Finally, I got the Sugarbunnies stamper as of Feb. 1!  Now, if only I can pass by a branch that still carry the Cinnamoroll -- will update soon!

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