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Scrabble. Monopoly. Sorry. Clue. Snakes 'n Ladders. Boggle. Pictionary. 
These are just some of the super fun games I used to play in my younger years with family and friends. And we can play them for hours!

In this digital age, most of the younger generation would not even recognize some of the popular board games that we, the parents, used to enjoy so much. How can these compete with "exciting" video games, high-tech toys and gadgets, and the ever growing number of cartoons shown on cable TV? My own kids would easily choose to play with their Nintendo DS over our Monopoly in a snap!

Game of Life 50th AnniversaryScattergoriesMonopolyPictionary Game

I'm still hopeful, especially now that I've learned about the Family Game Night by Hasbro, maker of the most popular board games. To tell you the truth, I was excited to know what this "game night" thing is all about when I got invited for an afternoon get-together hosted by Color Mix Corp., Philippine distributor of Hasbro board games.

The group of parenting bloggers was welcomed by Color Mix head Daniel Dionisio (above, left) and his lovely wife Roanne at Borough (in The Podium mall). After the introductions, we were asked to share what our favorite games were and everyone ended up reminiscing about the good 'ol days! It was so much simple then. We were also enlightened by child psychologist Jingo Zara (above, right) about how game nights with his family made a positive impact on him and his children, with its numerous benefits:

  • strengthen bonds between family members and practice respect towards each "player"
  • teaching moments during the games like learning math with "play money", improve reading and vocabulary with word games
  • gain life skills through teamwork, following rules, patience, and accepting defeat when losing a game
  • bring fun and laughter with each new experience, creating happy memories
  • money-saving too if you played your game in the comforts of your home with some yummy snacks on the side
Who knew that playing a simple board game can bring a lot of good?
Mom bloggers were so game to play Taboo, as explained by Daniel Dionisio
Taboo GameTaboo

It's only a matter of time for my kiddos to get interested with some of my favorite games and reap the benefits of playing together as a family. With the help of Color Mix and Hasbro, I'm looking forward to start my own Family Game Night, and who knows, this could be the start of a new tradition in the family!

Let's get started:
  1. Schedule It : Choose the day or night and mark your calendars. It's gonna be like your once or twice weekly date with the family
  2. Create a Tradition : Serving a favorite family meal before the game, or maybe extend bedtime by 30 minutes can become a much anticipated ritual
  3. Keep a Family Scoreboard :  Everyone wants to know the scores and keeping a written record you can display adds excitement; a motivation to play more, to win, and have more fun together
  4. Invite Guests : Spice things up and invite neighbors or friends over; perhaps take the games with you to outings and gatherings and share the fun
Thanks to Color Mix, we can now start our Family Game Night with 'The Game of Life'
Here's what we've been playing lately...
Towering blocks of fun
...and these two are my favorites! =)

Can't decide which games to play? Check out this game recommendation guide for your next game night!

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