Fun Friday: Colorful Kiddie Crafts

Third Friday of the month:  Recreation and Hobbies 

It's back to school for the kids this week and allocating time for hobbies and recreation is still a must to keep them sane -- and mommies too!  So for this post and the next, I'll be sharing a few interesting stuff to busy their little hands.

Between doing homework, projects and simple chores, most young children enjoy watercolor painting, drawing and arts and crafts, aside from a few hours of TV time.  I know I did (way back when)!  This also holds true for my little man who has fancied these colorful pipe cleaners and pompom balls that I bought months ago at his school's art fair.  On a separate occasion, I also bought some wooden laundry clips for them to toy with.

These art materials are far from being fancy, and are really quite unassuming you would not even think of buying them since they are pretty common items you'll see in art class. Sold in super affordable bundle packs and pail kits at bookstores, these colorful balls and bendable furry wires allow kids to get really creative while enhancing their fine motor skills.

Creating his 'sea monster'

Stick on some crazy wiggly eyes and the kids can bring their imaginary characters to life! And did I mention you can leave them alone* bending, twirling and twisting away while mommy does some chores and spend a nice, quiet 'alone' time too? Now that's hitting two birds with one pompom ball!  Of course, this can very well serve as a bonding activity that the whole family can enjoy.


Just a thought -- have the kids surprise dad with his furry look-alike for Father's Day on Sunday!

I thought this looked so much like the DJ in the show 'Yo Gabba Gabba'

Have a happy, crafty weekend!!!

Use hot glue (with glue gun) to paste parts together. Only adults should handle the glue gun.

Not advisable for kids below 3 years old.
Choking and fire hazard.
Exposed wire tips may scratch or poke fingers.

* Unsupervised, but not out of sight. Keep them within view as they play.


  1. what a fun thing to do! arts and crafts usually take a back seat fir us during the school year.

  2. my little one (G) loves to do arts and crafts. she enjoys glueing things together and also finger painting! Great toy, by the way!

  3. Awesome idea! Thank you so much for this. I have the same craft kit and didn't know what to do with it. I was contemplating toilet paper tubes but felt uninspired. The clothes pin is pure genius!

    Looking forward to exploring the rest of your blog. It's good to find you:)


  4. Childsplay - Thanks for dropping by and you're welcome! Hope you'll enjoy doing the craft with your kid as much as I did :)


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