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Second Friday of the month: Kids / Parenting

I believe parents are responsible for providing opportunities for their children to help them develop their God-given talents and skills. As they grow, their journey to self-discovery will be enhanced by these life-changing experiences that we have allowed them to explore.

A great way to gather the kids on a hot summer day (especially if you have wide lawn!)

Every school-aged kid looks forward to summer vacation. When I was a student, summer always meant having unlimited TV time, extended curfews, bumming around the house, going on an excursion with family and friends, or trying to learn a skill or two from my mother. These days, kids are just so lucky to have hundreds of options laid out for them. Given that the parents can afford to enroll them in each program they're interested in, all they need to do is choose, attend, and have a productive and fun-filled summer. Still, there are many home and neighborhood activities that moms, even dads, can prepare for their children, with just a little bit of creativity and at almost zero cost.

Spending an afternoon at a village park and playground

For this particular post, I have asked some of my mommy friends to share their ideas and plans for their kids this summer. Just like me, I'm sure other parents and children would love to try and explore any of these exciting and educational activities this season.

Here are their emailed responses which I have gathered.

1.  How many kids do you have?  How old is/are your kid/s?

ELLEN, mom of 2 - ages 4 and 8
JET, mom of 2 - ages 6 and 4
ANN, mom of 3
KAREN, mom of 1
PIA, mom of 3 - ages  6 to 13
JOHANNA, mom of 2 - ages 6 and 12

2.  How do you usually spend your summer days as a family?

ELLEN:  Out of town. If allowed, we go abroad.

JET:  We usually spend our summer vacation at home. Then we spend a week or two in Batangas, which is my hometown, and we usually go swimming.

ANN:  Go out, eat out, go to the beach, swimming with the kids

KAREN:  We go to Fontana. (Fontana Leisure Park is located in Clarkfield, Angeles, Pampanga)

PIA:  At home with very simple activities done singly and together.
Cleaning and tidying up the home.
Summer courses - singly and together where possible.
Picnic outdoors. Outings in Tagaytay. A new destination, if possible.

JOHANNA:  Usually we are here April-May for the activities. If time and budget permits, we spend a month in the U.S., where my atsi (older sister) is. But most of the time, we have short trips, then back to summer activities and beaches for some weekends.

3.  Do you prepare activities for your kids at home?
If yes, please share or suggest some of your favorite home activities.

ELLEN:  Swimming only using the inflatable pool.

Indoor Activities:
For JK, I  am focusing on Math so I give him various Math activities for an hour everyday, like drill sheets and online games. Here are some of sites that he likes:

For LJ, my focus with her is her penmanship so I give her time everyday to practice that. I usually get practice sheets from this site:

Then, I give them art activities because they both love to draw and color. We usually use water color, poster paint, crayons and color pencils. They also love playdough.

Outdoor Activities:
  • swimming in our inflatable pool
  • playing Pinoy (Filipino) games such as patintero, taguan (hide and seek), and habulan (run and tag)
  • playing jump rope, dodgeball, basketball
JK & LJ cooling off in their kiddie pool (courtesy of mommy Jet)

ANN:  Not anymore. They have their activities outside so they get to do anything they want at home.

  • Art time session. I have a big notebook where he puts all his art collection using water colors, paint, glitters, glue, cutout picture, markers etc.
  • Learning time and reading time. When KD is in the mood for reading, I take that chance to read as many books as possible.
  • Cuddling session. Just before he takes his nap or before going to bed, no TV involved. We lay down and talk for 10 minutes. I ask him what he did the whole day, what he ate, etc... and make lambing (bonding touch and cuddle).
  • And of course, the never ending playtime.
KD and his boomerang in the garden (courtesy of mommy Karen)

  • Baking
  • Arts and crafts, scrapbooking, etc.
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Playing board games and card games
  • Cleaning and tidying up
  • Relaxing
JOHANNA:  I prepared them their own calendar with their schedules/activities including when to practice their piano/violin.  I encourage both kids to help me while i cook/bake, it's a good opportunity to teach them.
  • Drawing - One thing they love to do together
  • Nap time
  • Leisure time - includes moderated TV and computer time, playing with the neighbors--  anything they want to do with their free time

4.  Do you enroll or would like to have your kid/s in a summer program or class?
If yes, please list the programs that interests you and your kid/s, or the class you have enrolled them in.

**Rates below are not updated

ELLEN: Yes, they are both enrolled in the following:
  • Swimming - at Montgomery Place by Coach Chito Rivera - P3,500 for 10 sessions
  • Reading Lab - for my son, at North Greenhills Clubhouse - P9,500 for 25 sessions
  • Basketball - for my son, at Xavier School - P3,500 for 10 sessions
  • Badminton - for my daughter, at Xavier School - P3,500 for 10 sessions
  • Cooking Class - for my daughter, organized by the parents of their class - P3,500 for 3 sessions
  • McDonald's Kiddie Crew - for my daughter, P1,100.00 (with added Arts and Crafts) 
 JET:  I would love to enroll them in a piano class.

Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Dancing
G's current want-to-try activities are basketball and fencing.
  • Swimming - Xavier School, P3,750
  • Basketball - Coach E, P6,500
  • Fencing - Xavier School, P3,500
KAREN:  Nope, not enrolled yet

PIA:  This year...
  • Special ballet workshop conducted by the Australian Conservatory of Ballet.
  • McDonald's Kiddy Crew workshop.
  • Hallmark/All about Scrapbooking Summer Scrappin'
  • Kids at Art Workshops
  • Magnaye Badminton Summer Camp
We may have other things in May onward.
Last year, Krispy Kreme Workshop, Ayala Museum Art Workshop

Recently, I enrolled Z in E.nopi to teach him higher maths as he goes on. So my purpose for enrolling him is to make his basic maths very good while young.

He's also fond of drawing. But he has no time for art classes anymore, just practice at home, maybe in June.  Z is also with the Xavier varsity football, and both (kids) do taekwondo with Dokkeabi.
  • Football - Xavier School, P2,700 for 12 sessions
  • Taekwondo - Dokkeabi Taekwondo Gymnasium
My daughter goes to art lessons if schedules permit. She has been to:
  • Teacher Rona - She is good, she personally teaches one-on-one to a few students. I just want K to try a different teacher this time
  • Fernando Sena - at Willow Tree Learning Center
  • Art lessons with Ricky Osorio - This is also my choice
And there's always sports. My daughter swims with the Quezon City Sports Club team, not competitively yet because of time constraints.

5. If you plan to enroll your kid/s in a program, what are your main considerations?
What do you hope to achieve from your chosen program/class?

ELLEN:  That they will be able to enjoy and learn something from it.
On hindsight, mommy Ellen added, "Actually, they both have new summer activities for this year. Previous years, I realized they are just into arts and crafts. And for K, who was then 3 years old, it's classroom type of activity. Gusto ko naman (what I want) this year eh pumayat silang dalawa (is for both of them to lose weight), hehe...and i think it's more healthy for both of them having sports. And because of this survey of yours, 'tsaka ko lang na compute yung mga nagastos namin (it's just now that I was able to compute our expenses)…ang laki pala (it's quite high)…di kasi halata kapag pa iba-iba ng bayad (you don't really notice it when you pay separately)."

JET:  The teacher and the fee.
If I will be enrolling them in a piano class, I hope that at the end of the program, they would be able to play at least one song/piece.

ANN:  The program, safety, time and schedule, price. For the children to have fun and learn the basics.

Main considerations:
What my children are really interested in.
Who is conducting the program, their reputation, value for money.
Where their experience can make them grow and develop positive values.

What I hope to achieve :
My children's continued growth.
Development of their potential.
Nurturing their talents.
Instilling in them the value of old-fashioned hard work and patience.
A sense of achievement.
Continued ability to stay away from gadgets and electronic devices that make them passive and do not enrich them.
Building their self-confidence as they learn new things, achieve things, create things from their hands and imagination, perform for audiences, exhibit their work publicly, etc.

Main considerations are:
Dedicated teachers for one. Interest of child. We only introduce to them, but somehow along the way, we will sense if it is for him/her, or not. If not, then do not force them because nothing will happen. But whatever it is, if they can do it, let them continue, not just during summer.

My personal view, my kids are natural artists, so as much as possible I would like to let them do things that I know they will be good at in the future, especially in art and music. Sports is also important because it teaches them endurance, and it develops their character, social skills etc., discipline also.  And from my own experience, my parents let me do sports growing up. I realized we shouldn't wait until the kids have grown up, because by that time, they might be lazy to move, so better to start them young.

Trial taekwondo class with the Master

Thank you mommies for sharing your plans and all the wonderful ideas for this special post!

I learned so much after writing this, and do know that your contributions are much appreciated. On my end, I have enrolled my 6-year-old boy at a taekwondo summer program at Dokkeabi, while we're still in search of a class fit for my girl of 3.  Now, here are my ideas that you may want to try, as well as other interesting classes you can check out:

D-I-Y Projects and Activities

In the kitchen:
  • Pizza-making at home
  • Baking cookies, muffins, cupcakes
  • Make no-bake goodies like polvoron, freeze juice popsicles, mix halo-halo, and blend fruit smoothies
Table Activities:
  • Coloring and painting with sponges, vegetables, leaves and rubber stamping
  • Animal Mask or Puppet-making (using paper bags and cardboards)
  • Origami (Japanese art of paper-folding)
I regularly buy assorted activity books which I use for their "quiet time" so the kids can practice their writing, coloring, painting, cutting, and do some math and science exercises similar to their school worksheets.
Educational and interactive video games are also permitted on a limited time during the day.

Outdoor Fun:
  • Blowing bubbles (a hit in the bathroom or tub too!)
  • Kite-flying
  • Playing frisbee
  • Camping
  • Walking the dog (if you have one)
  • Bicycling, skateboarding, roller-blading/skating
  • Going to the neighborhood park or playground, or clubhouse

Summer Programs / Classes (please CALL for further inquiries):

Dokkeabi Taekwondo Gymnasium Joyland Taekwondo Gym
2/F The Promenade, Wilson cor. P. Guevarra Streets, San Juan City
Tel. 726-6689 / 726-6828  (632) 570-9690  /  0915-7193893 / 0939-1891830

Xavier School - Basketball, Swimming, Taekwondo, Fencing, Soccer(Football), Badminton, etc.
Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan
Tel. 723-0481

Swimming by Coach Rivera
Montgomery Place, E. Rodriguez St., Quezon City
Mobile: 0917-8930723 / 0920-9621009
Tel. 712-5895 / 721-1608

Corinthian Football Club
Corinthian Gardens, Quezon City
P3,000 - starts April 5 to 29 and May 3 to 27,
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays, 8 to 10 am

Futbol Funatics - www.futbolfunatics.com

Quezon City Sport Club - Swimming, Tennis, Badminton
E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd., Quezon City
Tel. 723-0091 to 99

Aqualogic Swim Co. - Swimming for 6 months and up
Ria Mackay
Tel. 703-6386 / 0917-858-2782

Bert Lozada Swim School - www.bertlozadaswimschool.com

Gymboree Play and Music - For 0 - 5 y.o.
Tel. 910-7529
Find a location near you.

Kindermusik, Philippines - For 0 - 7 y.o.
Tel. 913-5124
Find a location near you.

Lyric Music Studio - Piano, Drums, Guitar, Violin, Flute, and more
80 Horseshoe Drive cor. N. Domingo Streets, New Manila, Quezon City
Tel. 725-0166 / 411-4373 / 411-4372 / 411-4376 / 723-4372 
Lower Ground Floor, Shangri-la Plaza mall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Tel. 633-1709

World of Music - Drums, guitar, etc.
Gen. Lim St., San Juan
Tel. 724-6291

DML Montessori School - Piano/Organ, Ballet, Performing Arts
46 7th Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Tel. 722-1829 / 722-4979

Greenhills Music Studio
Connecticut Street, Greenhills
Tel. 724-0705

Make Believe Productions - www.makebelieve.com.ph
Tel. No.: 729-5899

Art Camp Bezalel - www.artcampbezalel.com
Tel. 722-1434 / 414-2044
Text/Call: (63919) 3284531
 - New Manila, Quezon City
 - The Fort

GlobalArt - www.globalartphils.com.ph
G/F Sekai Building, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan
Tel. 515-7005 / +63915-8747747 / 404-4399
- Serendra
- Katipunan
DML Montessori School - Art course
46 7th Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Tel. 722-1829 / 722-4979

Fernando Sena - Willow Tree Learning Center
Tel. 732-6668 / 712 9748

Ricky Osorio
Ugay Street, Quezon City
Mobile:  +63908-8859412

Hobbes and Landes - www.hobbesandlandes.com
Networking sites: www.mailhobbesandlandes.multiply.com, Facebook, Twitter
Email: mail@hobbesandlandes.com, customerservice@hobbesandlandes.com
 - Fort Bonifacio High Street, Tel. 856-0935 / 36
 - Greenbelt 5, Tel. 728-2401 / 757-4241
 - Rockwell Power Plant, Tel. 756-5119 / 757-0263, 895-5084 (Build City) 
 - Greenhills Promedade, Tel. 722-6469

Center for Asian Culinary Studies - www.cacschef.com
3/F The Promenade, Wilson cor. P. Guevarra Streets, San Juan
Tel. 725-5089

McDonald's - Kiddie Crew
Find a participating store near you.

Reading Lab
North Greenhills Clubhouse
Tel. 723-7433
Mobile: 0927-2820416

E.nopi - Enopi Philippines
Tel. (632) 706-1670
Find an E.nopi center near you.


Tomatis Philippines (Listening Therapy)
 -Mind Frames Integrated Learning Center
Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan City 
Tel. (632) 475-7046
 -Kensington Place, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 
Tel. (632) 856-7631 
 -Family Life And Wellness Institute, De La Salle Zobel, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 
Tel. (632) 710-5229 

Therabilities, Inc.
Tycoon Center, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel. 6340639.

Hope this treasure trove of ideas and directory will be helpful to anyone looking for more productive ways to engage the kids during this summer break.  Just remember to keep it simple, age-appropriate, interesting, and always have FUN!

Do share your ideas and recommended classes here, the more the merrier!

I will try to update this post until end of April with additional info or any changes from the list above.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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