The (Prep) Graduate, Class 2010

"Better and wiser, give thanks because in every trial God is molding you.
Your life will be happier if you count trials as blessings
Your burden will be lighter if you see everything as God's blessings..."

This is a verse from my son's graduation song, "Count Your Blessings".  Today, he graduated from Preparatory Class and with a special award for Logical-Mathematical Intelligence.  The whole family is very proud of him.
Graduation is a major event in any student's life. As the song goes, we should count trials as blessings, and having gone through the challenges of pre-school, it was a great accomplishment for our boy of 6, and for us parents too! Graduating from pre-school marks the end and the beginning -- end of a child's early school years, and the beginning of a new and exciting journey to "big school". 

My dapper boy at their Graduates' Cotillion -- all dressed up for their waltz and farewell luncheon party at school, held earlier during the week.

With his very loving adviser, Sr. Norma of DML Montessori School

The child's first 6 years is also called the "Golden Years".  It is a critical stage of every child's growth and development. What children acquire and learn during this phase in their lives will be the foundation of what they will become and shall create an impact on their well being. As parents, we are tasked to nurture and support our children through proper nutrition, good education, promote socio-emotional development, and instill good moral and spiritual values that they will carry through adulthood. This is a pretty heavy, and scary, responsibility for any parent!

Waiting for the graduation rites at Mt. Carmel Church

I can only hope and pray that my hubby and I have done more than enough during this "golden years" to prepare and mold our eldest for this new chapter in his young life. We are also thankful to DML for the nurturing and stimulating learning environment that have made schooling a very wonderful and positive experience for our active young boy. His stay was so pleasant that he doesn't want to leave DML and even asked why they don't have elementary levels!

And so a new adventure begins for my spirited young lad, all smiles and ready to move forward. My promise to you, my boy, is to continue to hold your hands as long as I can, to be your rock, to lift up your spirits and lead you to the right path until you find your own road to travel.


  1. awww!! congrats to your kiddo and to you proud parents!!

  2. He's the sweetest boy! And intelligent, too!! Congratulations, JT! So, which school is he going to next? When is M going to Kindergarten? G is not going until September 2011 - you have to be 4 years old to get to Junior Kindergarten here. Is it like that also in the Philippines?

  3. Congrats to the li'l man and to the mom and dad, too!

    Wow! DML now have the grad rites at Mt. Carmel... when my kids were there, we just had it at the basement/assembly area. :)

    Yeah, I kinda miss that school, too, now that my kids have "graduated". :)

  4. Thank you for the greets!

    Jen - M already attended Toddler Class last semester, from Nov. to March :) This June, we'll send her to another pre-school for Nursery (2.6-3.5 y.o.) Next year is Junior Kinder na :)

    Tina - I think they held it at Mt. Carmel this year since it coincided with the 40th Year Celebration of DML, so we had thanksgiving mass before the rites. We will miss the school and the nuns too!


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