Welcome 2010 With Joy and Remembrance

A new year brings new resolutions, new goals, new challenges, new discoveries, new blessings.

It took me two days contemplating on what I will write about on my first new year entry.  And this is the first time I missed my Friday post. I want to begin by saying 'Thank You', and welcome 2010 with renewed hope and joy -- hopeful for new opportunities that may come our way, joyful for the coming events in my family.

But with joy comes sadness. In the morning of December 30th, Sushi went to dog heaven. We greeted the new year without him. He was 8 years old (x7 + 7 = 63 in dog years). So today's post is all about Sushi.

In memory of our beloved pet poodle.
Sushi is a pure-bred red toy poodle. J and I bought him when he was 2 months old from a pet store one afternoon at the mall.  I named him so because Japanese was our fave cuisine when we were dating and Sushi has a nice ring to it...much better than Maki! :-)

Sushi stayed with J and his family who I eventually became a part of when we got married a year after, and so we were happily reintroduced.
Sushi was very intelligent and sweet.  He has endeared himself to all of us, and with his playful personality he was spoiled rotten.  He was the baby of the family, specifically my in-laws.  Then a real baby came.

Sushi's first competition is my baby boy. His cries and presence made Sushi so curious that he would always try to sneak in to the off-limits baby's room, poke around the crib and pee in the corner! Maybe he got a little jealous at first, with all the attention on the baby, but soon, he became used to the regular cries and came to befriend the tot.

Several haircuts, doggie shots, and a few diet changes along the way, another baby came.  Sushi now has two naughty and annoying playmates to escape from. And yet, we know he enjoys it when the kids are around.

Sushi is truly a blessing to our family.  He brought cheer and unconditional love.  This was priceless.  Having pet dogs as I was growing up, I am so thankful that my kids got to experience having a pet as well.  I just regret not spending more time with him.

The few times they walked him was bonding time for us, and quite therapeutic as well.  There's a certain calm among the kids when they are with Sushi.  Check out Sushi here eyeing my girl's skirt last Holloween and this one afternoon date walk, just hanging out on the street (below).

Sushi loves to be massaged and rubbed on the tummy.  He loves chicken meat. He enjoys being fed by hand and is friendly with the birds who finishes all the rice he leaves in his bowl. He pees everywhere.

Last November, Sushi became very sick, with internal complications. It was too late when we discovered his illness. To make the long story short, despite the medications and a few more visits to the doctor, he became weaker, and less responsive. Surgery will not help either. We were told he will not live long.

What was harder was telling the kids of Sushi's condition. They knew he was sick and they were praying for him to get better. Not being so attached to Sushi, I guess, made it easier for them to accept that our dog is gone and will not come back. I think hubby explained it better to them because they now want a new white dog named Buster. Sorry kids, not anytime soon. I am not even sure I want another dog.

We were not with him when he moved on. And I did shed a tear for him. But I know we gave him a good and comfortable life, with lots of love from the whole family. He was there during the most important events of my life and I will never forget him. 

The new year is for being grateful about the past and welcoming new beginnings.  Maybe he already served his purpose in bringing joy and love in our family, and for that I am grateful. He lived a full life. Though he now rests, I can still hear his barks as I go out the front door.

Thank you and farewell Sushi. We will miss you.


  1. My sister cried as well when their dog died and had another one after a few years. I'm sure Sushi is going to be missed. I did with my two dogs before. Happy New Year and have a great year ahead.

  2. Awwww...he was so cute! I'm sorry for your lost - a sad way to start the new year. But on the bright side, your family is healthy and strong! Happy New Year again!


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