Stress and Organized (?) Clutter

It's been a crazy week for me even as we just had a 3-day weekend as August closed. The week was peppered with doctors' visits, usual errands and scheduled kids' activities, wedding planning updates for clients, baby shower for 3 friends (one of whom was rushed to the hospital after experiencing contractions as we end our dinner, and has given birth the morning after!), mini-reunions and a school seminar tomorrow!  This is not my typical week, and the stress is quite different this time. I am still wishing for that long-overdue day at the spa. And now, the once invisible pieces of clutter, are beginning to mushroom around "my space" and are harder to ignore. Time to de-clutter and de-stress! Oh when, oh when will it be?

A mish-mash of files, cookbooks, albums and displaced board games on the shelf that I have overlooked for quite sometime now

I will keep this short and just decided to give you a peek into my world with random shots of what my hubby calls "organized kalat" (clutter) around my work space. It's contradicting, I know, but I believe I am not alone in having these pockets of chaos around our so-called sanctuary that are screaming to be tidied-up, one space at a time.


The desk has permanent fixtures like our Samsung laser printer and dependable IBM X40 Thinkpad (where I write my blog; precious files and photos are stored).  Within reach are "migrant items" such as my cellphone, a thumb drive, calculator, and a few notebooks "neatly" stacked on the side.

If you look closely on top of the printer, there's a lone lost toy dinosaur waiting for his boy to claim him back and play with him again.

I will be lost without my hand-me-down Casio scientific calculator, who has been my loyal and trusty partner for almost 20 years!

Another displaced set of multi-colored metallic pens, shared by my kids, which seemed to have found a hiding place in my desk drawer

The drawer organizer tray filled with an assortment of super old and super new supplies:  Blast-from-the-past Hello Kitty stapler and Tuxedo Sam mechanical pencil

 from my elementary days which I treasure, and still use to this day!

 Part of the table clutter is my current fave Life Botanicals' Ginger Citrus hand lotion (a gift from my former boss), alcohol for my constant need to clean my hands, and some Sparx candy.  Oh, there's also a puncher peeking from the back, which I hardly ever use.

 Omnipresent digital camera -- Lumix TZ3 on stand-by for snapshots of whatever strikes me at any time of the day.

So there.  These are a few of the ever-changing "clutter" on the desk which may or may not add to my daily stress. What's littering your space lately?


  1. wow! i have alcohol too for sanitation purposes.. and lots of magnetic souvenirs on my cube's divider :)

  2. thanks for visiting Sheena, I also used to have several magnetic knick-knacks on my divider when I was still working, now it's a different kind of clutter ;)

  3. Hey,
    I'm sure it's been a busy week for you :) By the way, I'm going to start tackling your Nutrition and Wellness series. And oh, I didn't know Fruits were simple sugars. I always thought they were complex. Sigh...


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