Silly Faces That Make My (so, so) Day

Kids can make such funny, silly faces, act silly, and say some silly stuff.  Whatever 'silly' they do, they never fail to perk up even my dullest of days.  After my 'serious' 4-part nutrition series, let me take a breather and have something to smile about on this weather-crazy, sunny-rainy day.

The many faces (and poses) of the boy and the girl of the house.

Angry (?) ...


Scary-angry (?)...


Now, still making faces and chatting away with the girl on the mirror...

Then some crazy antics...

And they just can't stop posing for the camera! :-)


  1. Your kids are adorable, Michelle! It's easy for us to take pictures of our kids when they're still young; they would volunteer pa nga. I don't know how it is when they're a little grown up, though. Happy Mommy Moments!

  2. I'm sure mommmy you had a great time taking these photos as well! Happy weekend!

  3. They are adorable hehe. Talagang nanalamin pa para to see kung okay ba hehe. Kahit mag wacky or make faces pa anak mo mommy she still pretty.


  4. Tetcha - baka next time ayaw na, :))) They have their moods, and sometimes they run away when they see me pointing the cam at them! :)

    Divine - Thanks! We had a lot of fun and took away my boredom that day :)

    Chubs - And kulit talaga nila, hirap pigilan when they're having fun

    Shydub - thank you! medyo kikay talaga yang little girl ko, and she knows how to pose when she's in the mood

  5. emoticons,haha. kakatuwa. i agree, we should enjoy our kids while their young.

  6. Wahahaha! ang galing as in super cute. ay lalo ang scary angry, hahaha! I wish my girls can do that, si bunso ko eh, scary lang ang dating eh, hahaha! si wrozlie ko naman, masyadong pa cute, pero scary din kapag pinalaki ang mata. Your kids are adorable..


  7. Imriz - yes, super emote esp. the girl!

    MommyLiz - thanks! very animated lang talaga ang girl, the boy has limited expressions, hahaha :)

  8. aw! ang kukulet nga nila sis! i just love their wackiness specially your adorable girl!

    here's my wacky padiding pics too. thanks!

  9. ang kulet ng mga poses! nag-enjoy talagang mag-pose sa camera, mommy!

    here's my post: http://www.littlezoiessteps.com/2010/09/mommy-moments-me-on-wackiness

    happy MM!

  10. Kayce / Bonz - thank you! your girls were really hamming it up for the camera as well! :)

  11. very cute! i love the photos in the mirror best of all.

  12. wow! your kids are so cute.
    Happy weekend.

  13. Kimmy - thanks, she really enjoys talking to herself on the mirror! :)

    Red - thank you :)

  14. So cutie...it so nice that they are so close with each other...

  15. any facial expression of our kids just make us moms go crazy.. hehehe :) they are so adorable! :D

  16. Seth - they look close here, but more often they are like cat & dog! :)))

    Chris - i agree! :)


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