Of Diamond rings and Weddings


My blog day.

A tiring yet satisfying day for me, it started with bringing my boy to his summer art class, with my girl and nanny tagging along for the hour-long lesson. We're home by lunch time, and a simple meal of Filipino-style spaghetti and garlic-butter toast is waiting for us. Slurp, slurp, crunch, crunch. Then off to the kids' first visit to the dentist (now that's another blog altogether). The dental check took longer than expected. Just a few more hours and it's dinner time. My day is almost over.

So what's the connection to diamond rings and weddings? Read on...

"Mid-afternoon power nap" -- I thought to myself. Not happening. I logged on and had a brief YM chat with my aunt, who sent news that my cousin just bought a diamond solitaire ring for his lady love. That's one very lucky girl!

Wedding plans are in the offing... or so I thought. No date, no details, no ideas. Just the ring - for now. As the mom of the groom-to-be, she's trying to get a bigger picture of how they will plan this dream day from miles away (the downside of a long-distance affair). And so my day goes from kids stuff to wedding stuff. And I still want a power nap.

I have planned and coordinated weddings intermittently since '99, though I never went full blast with my services because my work (was into advertising and events) and family came first.

I got serious with the profession after I planned and orchestrated my own date to the altar. And I am fortunate to have friends and relatives who trust me enough to help them with their big day, and even recommend me to their soon-to-wed friends.

With all the details of an engagement or a wedding, I am most passionate about choosing the gowns, the flowers, and the rings -- diamond rings to be exact. There is just something about diamonds that mesmerizes me. And for sure, I'm not alone in this.

Before the wedding plans, choosing the right engagement ring is quite taxing especially for a typical guy who has zero interest in rings or diamonds, or any form of jewelry for that matter.

So I was quite impressed that my cousin, in his mid-20s, has decided on this specific ring. And to get his mom, my aunt, involved in the process.

"The ring", I was told, is like the iconic Tiffany diamond engagement ring, with a 1-carat brilliant-cut solitaire mounted on a 6-prong white gold frame. I guess it's a no-brainer for my cousin to choose this design because it's timeless, perfect for his Ms. Right.

Aside from the prospects of planning a wedding, I think as a mom, my aunt expressed mixed emotions about this upcoming engagement. Excited, maybe, about the planning and having a daughter-in-law; nostalgic that his first-born son is moving on to a new phase in his life by starting a family of his own. And to being a lola (Tagalog for grandma), "I'm ready", she said.

This ring is a promise to commit to a lifetime of togetherness. I think it's sort of a rite of passage for a man to choose and to give this symbol of love. And I think my aunt is very blessed to have a son who love her, and respects her enough to involve her in this life-changing moment.

And soon, the wedding plans.

(Emerald-cut diamond Tiffany ring)
This is my dream engagement ring, long before Carrie got a similar one from Big
(in 'Sex and the City').

(Brilliant-cut with Pear-shaped side stones from Tiffany)Another favorite dazzler.

Ladies, you don't need to wait for a man to give you one. And guys, no occasion required to surprise your woman.

Choose from these popular diamond shapes

(Michael B. ring design)
I had my engagement ring re-set a few years back, with the consent of my husband of course.
I referenced this design to create an illusion of a bigger center.

Update: If you want to see the 'improved' ring, I featured it here.