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We're still in the middle of summer, and there are so many sales happening!  From grocery items, to fashion and beauty products, I've been keeping an eye on some products that I may be needing so I can avail of discounts, and kitchen wares are no exception.

I'm sure many of you are aware of the products I'm featuring here. My blog sponsor, CORELLE, the leading dinnerware brand in the U.S., headlines the list of brands you should watch out for in this BIG SALE!

Here are the participating brands of the summer sale:

CORELLE has been know for its clean and classic style, and its high standards of hygiene, safety and practicality with its products, made with Vitrelle.  This is a unique 3-layer laminated glass that will not stain, fade, or won't easily chip your Corelle wares.  You should see their new modern collections as I'm sure you'll find one that will match your taste and theme of your dining room or kitchen. =)
CORELLE Contours

I haven't tried using glassware for the stove - I'm scared it will break!  But my mom has used her Corningware and a few clay pots when cooking.  The only brand she uses is CORNINGWARE. They are ideal for stovetop and oven use.  I realized they're healthier for cooking too, since the glass is non-reactive and non-porous, so it won't absorb stain or odor from your dishes, preventing contamination from continuous use, just like Corelle. The cookware is also made from high-tech Pyroceram material which will not crack even under extreme temperature changes. Impressive.  I think I'll reconsider using one for stovetop cooking. No fears! =)

Best part - I only need one dish, say a glass casserole, to cook, serve, and store! Again, that's what my mother has been doing all these years. From the freezer, to the fire, and to the table, they are stylish, safe, and so convenient.  The designs also match with Corelle dining ware so you can collect the whole set from cookware to dinner plates and coffee cups!  

PYREX is synonymous to baking.  Honestly, I don't know anyone who does not own at least one Pyrex pan or bowl! Actually, every bridal registry I've seen, mine included, always listed Pyrex products - proof of it's reliability, durability, and affordability which has been time-tested. Pyrex wares are non-porous also, so they're odour and stain-resistant, and designed to last for generations.  It never goes out of style.  Bake and serve in the same dish - that's what I do. It's transparent, so you know what's happening while mixing or baking.  Some designs come with airtight silicon lids, keeping the raw ingredients or cooked food safe and fresh.
PYREX Clear Seal Storage

From these featured brands, this is the least familiar to me.  It looks and feels like Pyrex, but VISIONS is amber-colored. It also allows you to see through the cookware, and it's easy to clean.  Visions is ideal for liquid-based cooking.  It is thermal-shock resistant, can be used on stove tops, in ovens and microwaves, as in refrigerators and dishwashers, making it the most versatile cookware that every home should have.  I should have this too, heehee...=) And because the glass material is also non-porous, it's healthy to use 'coz it does not absorb food smell and is stain-resistant.

If you're a home cook like me, you'd appreciate stylish, durable, and pro-health cookware and dining ware like these - a must in every home.

Have you decided what you want to have from this list?  Then head over to Kitchen World, stat!

SUMMER SALE SHOPPING at Kitchen World, Eastwood Mall!
Up to 70% discount on CORELLE, CORNINGWARE,
PYREX, and VISIONS kitchen and dining wares.
From May 15 - 25, 2014 only!

Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, and Visions are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Raffles and Company, Inc.
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Visit www.raffles.com.ph.  
You may also email: marketing@raffles.com.ph.

Note: All photos from Raffles and Company, Inc. 

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