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I first learned how to trim my hair (bangs) by watching my mother, and the hair dressers at the salons.  She gave me and my brother an apple cut when we were younger.  I literally watched and learned.  But I never thought I'd be cutting my kids' hair from their first birthday until their toddler years.  Well, in the case of the girl, until today!

The Boy's Haircut
When my boy started growing a nice head of hair before he turned one, we never really planned on bringing him to a barber or a kids' salon.  I thought I'd try to give him a trim when he turns 1 since it's just the ends and bangs.  How hard would that be, right?  It was not easy, but I did it... for over three years.
November 2004

Here's the boy (below, left) with his thick, healthy bunot (coconut husk) style hair back in December 2006.  He was 3.  I guess I did a pretty good job 'coz my cousins kept telling me he has nice hair! =)  The only area I cannot trim properly was his sideburns.  When summer came, he happily went with daddy to have his first ever barber's cut, just before he starts school.  He was a trooper.

The Girl's Haircut
When the girl came, I knew I'd be giving her a haircut until she goes to school, just like my boy. Or so I thought.

Here I was, giving my girl her first hair cut one month after her first birthday.  Four years later, I'm still doing it.
February 2008

The first time I featured my girl's bob cut here was over two years ago.  Unlike big brother, she has fine thin hair since birth so there's really not much hair to trim.  

She's turning 6 this coming January. She promised when she's 6, she'll make her first visit to the salon with me and finally get a proper hair cut.  Until then, she doesn't want anyone cutting her hair but moi.

During our last hair cut, I reminded her about our deal.  So, before she gets that salon make-over, I've decided to share how I actually do it.

For the record: I am not a hair technician.
I don't have any training whatsoever in hair-cutting.  I only cut my own bangs, and my kids' hair.  I use round-end scissors for safety reasons.  I cut their hair at home.
I am not encouraging anyone to do this.  Best to go to a professional.

August 21, 2012

After her bath, while hair is still damp, I section the hair -- form a "triangle" with upper half clipped, and start with inner, lower center portion.

Cut center to desired length.  The center will serve as the guide length as I trim towards the sides.

Going on one side, I get a portion of the trimmed center as guide.

After cutting the inner portion all around, top section goes down and I follow the length of the inner section as I cut, again, starting from the center.

The hardest part is to make the sides even in length.  Once I'm satisfied, I check the back again for stays and uneven ends.  From center to sides.

Finally, the bangs.  From another "triangle" from the top center to the sides of the face.  Gather the bangs and cut just below the brows.  It's always better to leave it a little longer than cutting too short.  You can always trim again if it hits the eyes.

Remember, when you cut with wet or damp hair, leave half a centimeter allowance as the hair will "shorten" when it dries.

Look at her bob when she was 3.  Not much to trim. =)  And now her longer locks at 5. Same cut.

2010                                                   2012

Tadaaa!  15 minutes and it's done.

This is a cool experience for me, and I like doing it. My kids expressed their appreciation for my efforts too -- even with just a simple 'thank you mommy', it's all worth the effort.  Besides, doing this on my own saved us some big bucks too! =)

Have you tried cutting your own hair?
If you have kids, did you try cutting their hair?

I'd love to know your thoughts on this post.  If you enjoyed this, feel free to share it!
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