Random Cravings of Pasta, Cake and Coffee

What better way to start the week than with something savory, sweet and deliciously sinful!  
Picture this...

Rich, creamy, mocha frappé using a blend of native tablea chocolate and brewed coffee, topped with heavy whipped cream...
Mocha Manila Frappe

After my recent initiation of the best-selling Filipino dishes and sweets at Sérye Café Filipino, the images of those yummy treats still haunted me for the past week.

Since I didn't get to try the Cafe Mocha Manila the first time, which my companions raved about, I vowed to go back and treat myself to a glass of this coffee and tablea concoction made from the best locally available coffee beans and chocolate. And this I did yesterday to satisfy my cravings, after I fetched the kids from school.  That's my girl up top, licking away the cream off Sérye's special ice-blended coffee drink -- Mocha Manila Frappé. This beats all other mocha fraps I usually order from coffee shops by a mile!

Before the frappé, I had a filling lunch of this flavorful spaghetti putanesca with a twist -- the local kesong puti (white carabao cheese) adds the Pinoy zing to this classic Italian pasta dish. The cheese complements the fresh tomatoes-and-olives sauce perfectly. Kesong Puti Putanesca served with lightly buttered pandesal toast -- although I wished the bun was more toasted.  Great for vegetarians too!  I was totally satisfied with this one, yum yum!
Kesong Puti Putanesca
All-time favorite Boneless Chicken Barbecue -- the kids' choice! Well-done grilled chicken that's juicy and tasty, matched with signature java rice and java sauce. Winner!
Boneless Chicken Barbecue
This was a really good meal for me and the kiddos!
* Lunch photos above were taken from my mobile phone's camera.

Over a week ago, I was invited to 'Ladies Who Lunch' bloggers' get-together. After raving about Sérye's outstanding Filipino cuisine, I promised to do a follow-up post about our desserts. Now it's time to share the 'sweet side' of the restaurant which I held off earlier.  See what triggered my random cravings:
Mocha Manila cake
Here's Make or Break's Pehpot P. having a shot at her hot Cafe Mocha Manila and Mocha Manila cake.
Mocha Manila and the Macapuno Pandan Cake are made using select local ingredients. Both are equally scrumptious with just the right sweetness. Mocha Manila is a layered mousse-and-cake tower with the same rich flavor as its beverage counterpart. The special coffee crunch in the center was a nice surprise that tease the palette. Plus points for not being too chocolate-y sweet, though some might argue the lack of it.
This Macapuno Pandan Cake was my favorite since it's so light, moist and fluffy, and has the natural essence of my favorite pandan flavor. From the look and smell, this confection is unique and balanced in texture and flavor. Again, the cake has the right amount of sweetness that you can eat another serving without having soar throat!
Macapuno Pandan Cake
This Decadence Cake needs much improvement. For me, it was too dense and lacked the deep tablea chocolate flavor -- not really decadent.  The owner welcomed our insights and suggestions since he admitted that this particular cake was still in the development stages and will be improved by serving it in a pool of caramel sauce.  That's more like it! I also added that making the cake more moist and serving it warm will enhance the 'decadent' appeal.
Chocolate Decadence
Aside from a wide selection of savory dishes, you can choose from an array of refreshing beverages and tempting pastries the cafe has to offer.  Cheers to perfect sweet endings!
In good company:  blogger Pehpot, Abbey of Protege Agency, blogger Joy, and Serye owner Alvin Lim
I got this one after I dined in yesterday.
Coupons!!! Discounts and Freebies on the next visit. :)))

Here's my initiation to gastronomic delights at Sérye Café Filipino.

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