Chicharon Addict Strikes Again

Here I go again...

Chicharrones made with real pork rinds
For the vegans and anti-junk food peeps, you may skip this now and just browse through my other previous posts :)

I really can't explain why I have this impulse of buying bags and bags of these sinful, crispy-licious, savory, salty, spicy, tangy cracklings!

At my recent trip to the grocery, I chanced upon the merchandiser unloading boxes of these imported looking foil bags of chips. Lo and behold, it's WILD WILLY'S Real American Chicharrones, a new brand of chicharon, and it's from Leslie's! Leslie's is the same company that manufactures the best-selling Clover Chips and Nacho Corn Chips, my childhood favorites.
50g pack. @ P24.75 (at Puregold) / @ P29.50 (at SM Supermarket)
To those of you who were not able to catch my first post about these tasty cracklings, 'chicharon' is pork rind crackling, considered a Filipino delicacy, which was made popular in the province of Cebu.  It is best eaten with a vinegar dip. And I repeat -- it is very addicting and artery-clogging!

The last bag was almost wiped out until I remembered to take a few shots to share with you here.  So here's what's left from the bag...

Wild Willy's are the real deal! Each crackling is light and crisp, perfectly seasoned, and none of the hard meaty part stuck to the rind. I was not able to check if they have more flavors but I bought the two that was displayed -- the regular salted variety and the tangy-salty Natural Vinegar flavor. Both flavors are superb!

I won't go into details about the ingredients and nutritional value (if any, heehee) anymore.  Just read the label below and decide for yourself if this is worth a try.  But I guarantee, after the first bite, you will be hooked just like I was! We can indulge from time to time right? ;)
(I am already salivating as I write this...gonna grab a bag now...)

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